Irrigation/Springklers System Installation

At Angel's Landscaping, we realize how crucial irrigation management is to keeping your site looking its best. We understand that proper irrigation systems maintenance is a balance between conservation and providing enough water in the right way for healthy plant growth. Leaks and adjustments are an inconvenience if not addressed quickly, and can even involve property repairs or safety issues. Our irrigation specialists will provide you with attentive service to keep your system running well through a customized watering program.
Proactive Water Management Program
  • System design and installation 
  • System Mapping 
  • Complete inspection and diagnosis 
  • Adjustment, repair and maintenance 
  • Water Audits and Use Analysis 
  • Winterize irrigation systems in cold climates 
Water Conservation
irrigation companies Rain, wind, temperature all can affect your usage of water, and your needs may change with your site’s operations, function and business mandates. Our combined care of your plantings, lawn and irrigation system brings special insight into controlling your water expense.
Here are some of the things we do to help you reach your conservation goals:
  • Ensure that sprinkler systems are turned off during rain 
  • Proactively adjust application times according to changes in the weather 
  • Weather sensing irrigation controllers 
  • Central control system installation and monitoring 
  • Collaboration with local water agencies 
  • Educational “lunch and learn” programs on water conservation 
  • Updates on latest equipment developments & advancements 
  • Shared savings agreements 

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