Hardscapes, Outdoor Living Areas & Waterfeatures

Hardscapes, Outdoor Living Areas & Waterfeatures


  • Paver patios & sidewalks- stands the test of time with the vintage old world look!
  • Stone retaining walls- practical & functional to give you more usable space
  • Boulder outcroppings and accent - Huge impacts without maintenance

Outdoor living areas:

  • Creative 3-d designs of all kind of building materials- Pavers, wood, concrete
  • Sitting walls & boulder seats- natural & unique
  • Fire pits and good eats- pits, bbqs & pizza ovens! Nothing builds better relationships than sharing a meal!


  • Pondless waterfalls- you get the sound and looks wuthout the pond maintenance
  • Bubblers- water out of a rock and oher designs to bring low maintenance, high impact to your patios, walks & landscapes
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